Duo can build tooling and manage production of your product… and do it in record time.  We can deliver concepts to finished product in 4-7 months depending on the complexity of your product.



Duo can take your CAD design all the way to a finished tool, for molding your product.  Regardless of making your tooling in the US or Asia it’s easy to overspend. Duo has extensive expertise in analyzing what a tool should cost.  Finished product quantities should determine the type and number of tooling cavities you need. Getting it right from the start will allow you fast, low-cost products that are priced right for your market.




Manufacturing finished product is one of the most critical steps of commercialization.  Duo can align you with a manufacturer that has experience with your product type and quality needs.  Manufacturers must practice global quality standards and be familiar ISO and AQL processes.  Duo can turnkey manufacture your product and provide logistics, costs and other manufacturing information making sure you understand the process from beginning to end. 

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