Duo helps you prepare for navigation of funding partners.  VC’s, Angels, investment banks, on-line seed funding, as well as corporate strategic partnerships. 



Often overlooked are licensing partners that can take your product into vertical and overseas markets. We can help you understand the commercial view and goals of both licensees and licensors. While we don’t eliminate the need for an attorney, we can help you save thousands of dollars by assisting negotiation of commercial terms prior to a formal licensing agreement.


Duo has developed a process for packaging a product for licensing and can guide you through the steps as well as efficiently market your licensable product(s).



Investors come in all sizes and you need to have the right investor for your business.  Whether it’s a strategic partner or simply a financial investor we can help you understand the expectations of each. 


We have worked with investors, bankers and assisted clients with successful investments of up to $40 million of funding to a single entity.  We can make introductions and help you navigate valuations and terms, and even write your business plan.



Often times a strategic partner is all that you need.  Companies that are familiar and already operating in your market space can be valued long term partners, helping you accelerate time to market.  We can create meaningful introductions of potential synergistic partners for you and your business and help you craft a relationship.

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