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Have an idea for a product and want to get it to market fast?  Duo knows how and has been doing it for decades.  Our team has designed and guided manufacturing for such companies as Motorola, Titleist, Fellowes, Kenwood, Golf Pride and many others.   Duo can guide you through critical initial stages, even before you apply for a patent. 



It’s vitally important to create products that optimize function, value and appearance for the benefit of the user and manufacturer.   Duo is well versed in performing concept validation and competitive analysis and finding meaningful ways to add value.  Duo’s  industrial designers work with you to understand your concepts and help turn them into leading products. 



Once product styling and features have been defined we are able to help you create an outline for filing a patent. Adding features that can be claimed on a patent, enhance the value of your intellectual product (and company), helping you to gain a proprietary competitive advantage.  We work right along side you and your attorney to help create a patent that covers all the bases.  We can also guide you through the branding process with the goal of protecting tradenames used for company and product.



The Duo team has CAD capability and provides 3D models to validate final product designs.  Duo helps select the correct materials that’s right for your product.  Resins, metals, and other materials are critical for performance and add value to the final product.

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